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Quality Street® Recyclable Paper Wrappers

Quality Street® has always been famous for its bright and colourful packaging - and we are returning to our roots, introducing paper wrappers similar to those which appeared in the first selection in 1936!

Now, you'll be able to pop your new Quality Street® wrappers into household recycling once you've enjoyed your delicious sweets. What's more, by moving from two layers to a single paper wrap, we'll remove two billion pieces of packaging material by 2023 and rest assured, all your favourites inside remain unchanged!


How do I recycle Quality Street® paper wrappers?

Recycling works best when small pieces of packaging, like our Quality Street® wrappers, are bundled together:
i) Scrunch foil wraps into a fist sized ball with other foil.
ii) Scrunch new paper wrappers into a fist sized ball with other paper or put into a paper envelope.

Can I recycle the previous cellulose wrappers?

No, they are home compostable but cannot be recycled as part of the kerbside recycling scheme.

Are foil Quality Street® wrappers recyclable?

Yes, scrunch foil wraps into a fist sized ball with other foil to be recycled.

Where can I recycle Quality Street® plastic tubs?

Recycle at home with the rest of your plastic recycling.

I have received a mix of paper and plastic wrappers, is this normal?

Yes, there will be a mix of wrappers this year as we start our move to paper. From early 2023, all sweets will be wrapped in paper apart from the Green Triangle and Orange Chocolate Crunch, which will remain in their recyclable foil wrappers.