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Our Tins designs may have changed, but the Magic remains.

Our iconic tins and colourful jewel-like wrappers have always been a favourite at Christmas Time. The smell of a freshly opened tin and memories of diving in, to find your Quality Street® favourites are magic moments that will be treasured forever. Our tins tell a history of their own, each having its own place in time and its own story to tell. Take a look through some of our favourite tin designs from over the past 85 years!

What’s happening on our Street today!?

85 years young, Quality Street® can be found on your local supermarket shelves all year round, with the addition of our family favourite Quality Street® Matchmakers. Knowing that everyone has their favourites and making the magic that little more special, the Quality Street® web shop was launched in 2020, where with the click of a button, fans can personalise their very own tin, choose their favourites to fill it and have it delivered straight to their door. 

Quality Street personalised tin of chocolates
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