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Our QUALITY STREET MATCHMAKERS® are the perfect treat for sharing. Our unique chocolate sticks are fun to crunch and  nice to nibble, the perfect way to bring together your family on an evening to enjoy special sharing moments filled with flavour. So whether its film night, games night, or just a quick break on a day out our chocolate sticks make sharing chocolate that bit more fun. Are you cool as mint or more zingy orange, discover our full range to find your flavour.


Chocolate sticks full of crunchy mint pieces in a blend of milk chocolate. There’s something special about this flavour in our Quality Street Matchmakers range. It’s the refreshing mint combined with chocolate resulting in a crowd-pleaser.


• Find in most major retailers

• Allergens: Milk

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Chocolate sticks bursting with zesty orange pieces in a blend of milk and dark chocolate. The intense citrus flavour is what makes our recipe. You will instantly love our flavour filled treat. But don’t forget to share with your loved ones too.


• Find in most major retailers

• Allergens: Milk

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Let the unforgettable blends of flavour in our Quality Street Matchmakers range win you over. There’s nothing like enjoying a satisfying bite of chocolate, whether you’re alone or spending time with friends or family. So, if you want even more chocolate goodness, discover our full collection of wonderful Quality Street flavours and don’t forget to show your loved ones your appreciation with the perfect chocolate gift, our indulgent Quality Street Intrigue truffles.